About SFC Tactical Solutions

SFC Tactical Solutions is an accredited Firearms Training Academy situated in Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa.

Nico van der Merwe is the owner and founder of SFC.

He has the background having soldiered for 11 years’ permanent service in the South African Defence Force (Infantry) and has the passion and love to teach others the skill of firing a well-aimed, accurate and effective shot with any firearm.

This has led him to the drive behind his success – to teach others. He has been doing this for the past 26 years.

As an experienced military instructor he is qualified in numerous infantry small, medium and heavy weapon systems and specialises in the field of handguns, shotguns, rifles and semi-automatic firearms and the application thereof within the combat role of the Infantry. This experience was gained during his military career with deployments locally and abroad as well as presenting specialized courses in military combat skills.

“The sport of competitive shooting training was the drive to increase my skill level in preparation for tactical situations in everyday military life and further increased my capability and effectiveness as a soldier.”

He is qualified as an Advanced Level Instructor with the International Firearm Training Academy. He loves hunting, long-range shooting and sports shooting with any firearm.

Francois van Dyk started his military career at the Army Gymnasium where he qualified as an Infantry Instructor.  In 1972 he did the Basic Parachute Jumping Course and during the course he was transferred to 1 Parachute Battalion. Frans became a parachute instructor and was posted to the Hanger (Parachute Training Centre) as Hanger Sergeant Major while still a Sergeant. He was the youngest Hanger Sergeant Major in the history of 1 Parachute Battalion. 

January 1975 he successfully completed the Special Forces (known as Recce’s) selection course and joined the unit. He served in the Special Forces for 21 years.  He served in 1, 4, and 5 Reconnaissance Regiments and was one of the founder members of 5 Special Forces Regiment (5 Recce). He commanded the very elite 1.1 Commando at 1 Special Forces Regiment and was appointed as the 2IC (Second-in-Command) of 1 Special Forces Regiment. He was twice wounded in combat whilst serving in 1 Recce.  In 1989 he won the South African Parachute Championships accuracy division. He successfully completed the SA Army Senior Command and Staff Course which is the most senior course in the South African Army. 

He retired from Special Forces with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  After the military he lived his second dream by hunting professionally for 18 years in the bushes of Central Africa. Frans provide a very unique function to SFC Tactical Solutions not as a consultant alone, but as the Course Leader an Chief Instructor on numerous special techniques training curriculums.


Wayne Boshoff is the Course Leader on the Basic and Business Purpose Competency courses.  He started his military career during 2005 and retired during 2018 with the rank of Captain and more specific the Head of Educational Training Development at Infantry School, Oudtshoorn, South Africa. He has numerous qualifications, skills and passion in training students the fundamentals of the law and firearm handling. He is a qualified instructor, assessor and moderator.

What does SFC Tactical Solutions provide?

SFC provides a service whereby we can “equip” the client with the skill, mind-set and aptitude to provide effective solutions for his security and safety, within his family’s living space, through the presentation of professional, cost effective and goal-orientated training solutions within a realistic environment. The skill and mind-set prepare the individual to act in order to save the lives of his loved ones and to stop acts of violence, terror and criminal activity directed towards him or his family. Furthermore, we provide in-depth solutions to equipment issues and related training curriculums used by security and law-enforcement agencies.

The aim of SFC

To train any person from any walk of life to defend his or her loved ones’ lives in any situation with the available firearms/weapons in his possession. The secondary aim is to train firearm owners to be effective in the art of marksmanship and to practise and maintain the skill. SFC Tactical Solutions reserves the right, to refuse the training of individuals or groupings when it comes to mind that the individual might be connected to criminal activities or other moral standards linked to possible terrorist motives.

The mission of SFC Tactical Solutions

To provide cost-effective, professional and realistic training to all South Africans in the defense, combating and prevention of terror, violence and criminal activity. 

The Vision of SFC Tactical Solutions

To provide professional training of world-class quality within a “one-stop” training institute, that provides in all the needs of the security industry as well as to the availability to civilians and military/law-enforcement alike.

Don’t hesitate and wait for hope to arrive… stand up, make a booking and release your hope and quality of life, for the future. You owe it to yourself to make a difference and change the world, step by step.

principles of sfc tactical solutions

To many people say “we need to keep fighting the good fight by staying on our knees and keep on praying and asking God to help us. God will never forsake us.”

The problem I have with this statement is not that I do not believe this; I simply feel that it is not enough and God, in preparing us, wants a lot more then we think.

The Israelites under the rule of King Saul had a similar situation than us here in South Africa today, during their campaign against the Philistines, in obtaining the Promised Land. It took a herd boy named David, who had no experience of fighting the enemy to remind them of what we are supposed to do. David had skill in his hand ie using a slingshot in protecting his flock of sheep. He also was one of God’s favourites and was filled with the love of our Lord in his heart! He therefore had to combine these two characteristics in fighting the giant Goliath.

We need skill and ability, just as much as we need spiritual preparation to fight the evil in our country. How do we obtain skill and ability? Apply to attend a course or courses of choice today presented by SFC Tactical Solutions. How do we obtain spiritual strengthening? Through effectively partaking in your local communion and keeping spiritually fit, not just as a warrior alone (sheepdog) but as a Soldier for Christ, in your own way?

We all have our "Goliath's" every day. We can chose to allow them to keep us down, or we can chose to rise to the occasion!