SANDF Career Pictures

While presenting Platoon Ambush techniques during 1998, Infantry School Oudtshoorn 

Me and JJ Maré (RIP) just before we were taught by Deon Wentzel how to do water crossing with “all” your kit, at Stopdriftdam, Aug 1999. 

  1. Platoon Mortar Section (60mm Patmor) during night attacks, May 1992, Infantry School, Oudtshoorn.
  1. “106” the command given to the gunner once he has hit the target with the 12.7mm spotter round. Anti-Tank training, Infantry School, Oudtshoorn, summer of 1995.
  1. 81mm Mortar Platoon training, winter of 1996, Infantry School Oudtshoorn, fastest team on the course to come into “action” with the mortar.
  1. We all need to patrol at some stage, Infantry School, Oudtshoorn, 1999.
  1. Troepie days within Infantry School Oudtshoorn, 1992, was not easy days. The instructors were hard and the failure rate very high. You need to perform to a very high standard and have the qualities to be able to call yourself a leader within the SADF. The successful completion of your Junior Leader Course, at Infantry School, Oudtshoorn, during those years, was the cornerstone for many young service men, preparing them for a bright future. We still have contact with each other, and most of the guys are very successful in what they do in life.
  1. Early Sunday morning waiting for the “Dominee” to arrive for church service, somewhere in Africa, 2003.
  1. The formidable Oryx chopper doing what he does best!
  1. Chemical and Biological Defence Instructor Course in Pretoria, at 7 Med Bn Group, 2000, with Adré Kruger.
  1. Formal Dinner with the troops, we can dress smart at times as well, Infantry School, Oudtshoorn, 1994.
  1. My troops doing trench clearing in the rain, Infantry School Oudtshoorn, 2000.
  1. Dinner is ready to serve – Survival Training 1999.
  1. Danger Point Hermanus, 2000.
  1. Abalone poaching divers using boats as decoys and transport.


Posing for FHM magazine next to an Alouette “Gunship” (20mm machine) during 2003, somewhere in dark Africa. 

  1. “Captain Plastic” as Grobbies was called, operating with a prosthetic left arm, waiting for chopper “lift-off” in the early mornings, somewhere in dark Africa middle 2003.
  1. First testing of the NTW 20mm Anti-material rifle prototype. Infantry School Oudtshoorn, 1995.
  1. Reconnaissance Platoon presentation, winter of 2001, Infantry School, Oudthoorn.
  1. LMG gunner while preparing ex-MK/APLA troops for inception into the SANDF, Infantry School, Oudtshoorn 1998.
  1. Very tired early morning just before vehicle patrol, while not sleeping for the past 5 days, due to a severe diarrhoea case called “jippo guts”, somewhere in Africa, 2003. Also known as “spuit poep” in Afrikaans.
  1. Preparing your “kit’ for water crossing, 1999, Stompdriftdam, Oudtshoorn.
  1. Very proud moment in my life. Asked by the then, Regimental Sergeant Major of the Infantry School, Oudtshoorn WO1 Jock Botes (RIP), to carry the ceremonial honours (unit flag) for the freedom of the City, parade, 2000.
  1. While still a very young Corporal, teaching black soldiers how to operate the LMG (Light Machine Gun 7.62 x 51), 7 South African Infantry Battalion, Phalaborwa, 1992.
  1. Formal dinner again, with Staff Sergeant TT Khumalo. What a legend! Infantry School, Oudtshoorn 1997.
  1. The LMG firing is the most single calming sound on the battle field. If he does not “talk” there is something wrong seriously!
  1. Trying to explain to the General, the Colonel and the Major that the current equipment we had, is not up to standard. Our request was approved for the new equipment, and the unit is still, today, am waiting for the shipment to arrive. Infantry School, Oudtshoorn, 2000.
  1. Reconnaissance from an Alouette chopper, me taking photos, of what we later discovered was not a tent, but the entrance to an underground refrigerated storage facility for abalone poachers, Hermanus area, Ops Neptune, 2000.

Pearly Beach, abalone poaching area.

  1. Me, receiving my 10 years good service medal, from Col Julius Engelbrecht(RIP), Officer Commanding 4 Special Forces Regiment, Langebaan, 2002.