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Klein Karoo Agri Indoor Shooting Range

 33°35’43.92”S   22°11’22.23”E    Elev 333m

For Basic and Business Purpose Competency Firearm training and qualification, Klein Karoo Agri Indoor range is an accredited shooting range that can accommodate two shooters at a time.


Our newest addition in development is the Kmdt (Commandant) Gideon Scheepers Shooting Range in Schoemanshoek, near Oudtshoorn. It is situated on a beautiful piece of land about 7000ha in size, next to the main road on your way to the well known Cango Caves.  We have all the disciplines you can think of on this shooting range. We have a Long Range section that currently have steel plates up to a distance of 1351m and the potential is very possible to extent to 3000m and even more, from the same shooting position. The shooting position is covered in shade netting and allows for between 10 and 15 shooters to have enough space.

The Vehicle Fighting Range has 3 (three) vehicles, own classroom and safe area for participants.

The Kill house is situated within the Tactical Range area with its own classroom and safe area that can be used by spectators.

Soon the clay pigeon range will be set up as well.

There are 2 toilets just behind the main firing range. The "killhouse" and Vehicle Fighting range will soon have it's own toilets next to the safe areas.

We will set up camping spots during 2022 and and start with the planning to have sport shooting events that South Africa has not seen yet.

Please visit the Facebook page called "Kmdt Gidoen Scheepers Shooting Range" for more information.

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