The Origin of SFC Tactical Solutions

During 2007 SOC Survival Training (Pty) Ltd was started by JJ Maré (RIP) and Nico van der Merwe and presented Bush Survival training to children aged 13 and older.

Other skills such as firearm orientation and leadership also formed part of these courses and soon it started to grow towards adventure training during school holidays and weekends. 

“Soldier of Christ” (SOC) therefore was the idea of two ex-military soldiers with the idea of ‘giving back’ what was seen as talented gifts.

Nico van der Merwe started SFC Tactical Solutions cc during 2017.  "Soldier For Christ" was the idea of continuing the concept, to allow Nico to first, operate independently in the Southern-, Western- and Eastern Cape area by presenting firearms competency training and Tactical related courses concentrating on the application and use of the handgun, semi-auto rifle, and the shotgun as well as Long Range Precision Rifle training. The International arena is waiting and we must conquer our talents by combating evil!

The main aim was and still is, to train farmers in defending themselves against the attacking terror currently known in South Africa. Nowadays Frans van Dyk joined as Subject Specialist and consultant to SFC. Frans will concentrate on Long Range Precision Rifle training as one of many fields.

We enjoy much support from all over the world as leaders within the international training industry, provide us with in-depth sharing of knowledge, expertise and new technological techniques and equipment not known to the local market yet.

Both these men are highly trained and qualified within numerous Special Military functions, with a passion to teach other people not only a skill but a way of living in peace with oneself, with the guidance of the Almighty Commander of Heaven and earth, our God!

It is our gift and passion, and a privilege to apply our knowledge in the building of a secure environment for all law-abiding citizens, built on the principles of the Gospel.